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ScriptPro's Guides Help Pharmacy Professionals Select the Right Automation System



ScriptPro announced that the Technology Evaluation Guide, Volume II: Pharmacy Workflow Systems is available. ScriptPro offers this guide to help pharmacy professionals compare and evaluate workflow systems. It is designed with the same purpose as the previously released Technology Evaluation Guide, Volume I: Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems--to help the pharmacist boil down the process of finding the right automation. Both guides are workbooks with detailed tables outlining key questions to ask vendors when selecting automation systems.

The benefits of adding pharmacy automation include lowering operating costs, reducing the potential for errors, and freeing pharmacists and staff to provide counseling and customer service, according to ScriptPro. Finding the right solution can be a big task, which is why the guides for workflow and robotic dispensing distill the information into easy to understand sections to help pharmacists make informed decisions for their pharmacy.

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