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AbbVie Acquires Shire in $54 Billion Deal 8/20/2014

Acetaminophen Found Ineffective for Back Pain 8/20/2014

Breakthrough Therapy Approved for Leukemia and Lymphoma 8/20/2014

HPV Vaccination Rates Remain Low 8/20/2014

Amount of Calcium, Vitamin D in Supplements Too High for Some Women 7/17/2014

FDA: Serious Hypersensitivity Reactions to OTC Acne Topicals 7/17/2014

No Link Between IBD Treatment and Cancer Risk 7/17/2014

Pharmacy Study Hopes to Reduce Hospital Readmissions 7/17/2014

Antibiotics Overprescribed for Acute Bronchitis 6/19/2014

Common Antibacterial Banned in Minnesota 6/19/2014

FDA Recommends Lower Dose for Sleep Aid 6/19/2014

OTC Approval for Cialis Being Sought 6/19/2014

Despite Alternatives, Codeine Frequently Prescribed to Children 5/16/2014

New Combination Drug Therapy Promising for HCV 5/16/2014

Prenatal SSRI Use Linked to Autism, Developmental Delays in Boys 5/16/2014

Sleep Apnea Confers Higher Risk of Stroke, Cancer, and Death 5/16/2014

Hospital-Acquired Infections Affect 1 in 25 Patients 4/18/2014

HPV Test May Replace Annual Pap 4/18/2014

Statin May Slow Progression of Multiple Sclerosis 4/18/2014

U.S. Tuberculosis Rates at Record Low 4/18/2014

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