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Black Box Added to Immediate-Release Opioids 4/14/2016

Caffeine Consumption Linked to Miscarriage 4/14/2016

SSRIs Do Not Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Outcomes 4/14/2016

Unused Cancer Drugs Cost U.S. Billions 4/14/2016

Adderall Use Increasing in Young Adults 3/17/2016

Atazanavir During Pregnancy May Affect Infant Development 3/17/2016

Blood Test Could Make It Easier to Control TB 3/17/2016

Diabetes Drug May Prevent Recurrent Strokes 3/17/2016

Free Nicotine Patches Improve Smoking Cessation Rate 2/17/2016

Is Earlier Colorectal Cancer Screening Beneficial? 2/17/2016

Stricter Vicodin Regulations Significantly Reduce Use 2/17/2016

WHO Declares Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency 2/17/2016

Asthma and Chronic Migraine Linked in Some People 1/20/2016

Breast Cancer Recurrence Not Increased When Antidepressants Taken With Tamoxifen 1/20/2016

Many U.S. Hospitals Do Not Mandate Flu Shots for Staff 1/20/2016

Patients Can Safely Self-Administer Long-Term IV Antibiotics 1/20/2016

Autism Rate Increases to 1 in 45 12/14/2015

FDA Approves Three New Treatments for Multiple Myeloma 12/14/2015

Pharmacists in California and Oregon to Prescribe Birth Control 12/14/2015

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Reduces Risk of Heart Failure 12/14/2015

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