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Alcohol-Drug Interactions Are Common 2/18/2015

Ebola Vaccine Clinical Trials Under Way 2/18/2015

Hormonal Contraceptives Linked to Glioma 2/18/2015

Near Record Year for Novel Drug Approvals 2/18/2015

Boosting Healthy Cell Production During Chemotherapy 1/21/2015

Clarithromycin-Statin Mix Can Cause Severe Adverse Events 1/21/2015

Patients Don’t Grasp Risks of Unnecessary Antibiotics 1/21/2015

Preventive Effect of Tamoxifen Is Long-Lasting 1/21/2015

Allergan Acquired by Actavis in Major Deal 12/17/2014

New Study Questions Aspirin for Primary Prevention 12/17/2014

Pharmacy Ownership Law Remains in North Dakota 12/17/2014

Poor Contact Lens Care Raises Eye Infection Risk 12/17/2014

Missing Link Between Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer 11/17/2014

Pediatric Medication Errors Occur Frequently 11/17/2014

Selenium May Be Effective Against Breast Cancer 11/17/2014

Some Anti-Inflammatories Beneficial for Schizophrenia 11/17/2014

Experimental Ebola Vaccines in Development 10/16/2014

FDA Recommends Limited Use of Testosterone 10/16/2014

Purple Book Introduced for Biosimilars 10/16/2014

White House Announces National Strategy to Combat Antibiotic Resistance 10/16/2014

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