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Hospital-Acquired Infections Affect 1 in 25 Patients 4/18/2014

HPV Test May Replace Annual Pap 4/18/2014

Statin May Slow Progression of Multiple Sclerosis 4/18/2014

U.S. Tuberculosis Rates at Record Low 4/18/2014

Antidepressants’ Psychological Side Effects More Common Than Thought 3/19/2014

Cytokines Are Culprit for Pigment Changes in Psoriasis 3/19/2014

ICU Care Questioned for Some Stroke Patients Receiving tPA 3/19/2014

Vitamin D3 as Add-on Therapy Improves Relief From Hives 3/19/2014

Alzheimer’s Drug Trials Yield Disappointing Results 2/19/2014


Caffeine May Protect Against Atrial Fibrillation 2/19/2014

Drug Holidays for Bisphosphonates Reevaluated 2/19/2014

Prescribing of High-Dose Acetaminophen Products Discouraged 2/19/2014

Exercise Alleviates Antidepressants’ Sexual Side Effects in Women 1/22/2014

FDA Examining Antibacterial Soap More Closely 1/22/2014

Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics Effective for Childhood Pneumonia 1/22/2014

Panel Advises Higher Blood Pressure Threshold in Older Adults 1/22/2014

1 in 10 Children Diagnosed With ADHD 12/18/2013

Leukemia Drug Reintroduced as MS Treatment 12/18/2013

New Statin Guidelines Issued 12/18/2013

Pure Hydrocodone Product Approved 12/18/2013

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