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FDA Approves Treatment for Sexual Desire Disorder in Women 9/15/2015

Increase in Heroin Use Tied to Prescription Opioid Abuse 9/15/2015

Increased Statin Use for Primary Prevention in Oldest Elderly 9/15/2015

Vaccination Program Has Led to Significantly Fewer Chickenpox Cases 9/15/2015

Agitation Drug Helpful in Alzheimer’s Disease 8/18/2015

End-Stage Chemotherapy Often Not Beneficial 8/18/2015


No Religious Exemption for Pharmacy Owners 8/18/2015

Universal Flu Vaccine Offers Broad Protection 8/18/2015

Asymptomatic Vaccinated Persons Are Transmitting Whooping Cough 7/20/2015

Smart Insulin Patch Could Replace Painful Injections 7/20/2015

Some Common Postoperative Antiemetics May Increase Arrhythmia Risk 7/20/2015

Tamper-Resistant Pill Dispenser Designed to Prevent Medication Misuse 7/20/2015

Blood-Clotting Disorders Linked to Abuse-Deterrent Formula 6/23/2015

Endo Acquires Par Pharmaceutical to Expand Generics 6/23/2015

More Patients Spending $100K Annually on Prescriptions 6/23/2015

Newer Oral Contraceptives More Likely to Cause Blood Clots 6/23/2015

Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy Linked to Anxiety in 3-Year-Olds 5/15/2015

E-Cigarette Users Less Likely to Quit Smoking 5/15/2015

How a Popular Probiotic Benefits the Gut 5/15/2015

When Clinically Stable MS Patients Discontinue Their Medication 5/15/2015

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