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E-Cigarettes Growing in Popularity Among Teens 5/15/2015

Gene Places Young Leukemia Patients at Risk for Neuropathy 5/15/2015

High Radiotherapy Dose Improves Outlook for Children With Brain Cancer 5/15/2015

Oral Insulin Might Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in High-Risk Children 5/15/2015

Study: 1.2% of Preschoolers on Medicaid Use Psychotropics 5/15/2015

Waning Immunity in Children Vaccinated With Serogroup B Meningococcus 4/16/2015

Tracking Staph in Hospitals 4/15/2015

Combination Therapy Bolsters Chronic Infection Response 4/15/2015

New Ebola Vaccine Promising 4/15/2015

Antidepressants Show Potential for Postoperative Pain 3/18/2015

Most Patients With CKD May Have Long-Term Pain 3/18/2015

New System Predicts Risk of Chronic Pain After Surgery 3/18/2015

Study of Twins Looks at Link Between Back Pain and Depression 3/18/2015

New Compound That Treats Neuropathic Pain Found 3/16/2015

Possible New Treatment for Opioid-Tolerant Patients 3/16/2015

Analgesic Drugs Could Be Used for Neuropathic Pain 3/16/2015

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Among U.S. Children on Rise 4/18/2014

Hepatitis C Still a Challenge for HIV Patients 4/18/2014

NAIs Lower Risk of Death From H1N1 by 25% 4/18/2014

No-Refrigeration Vaccine Might Curb Diseases in Remote Areas 4/18/2014

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