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Drug-Resistant Bacteria Among U.S. Children on Rise 4/18/2014

Hepatitis C Still a Challenge for HIV Patients 4/18/2014

NAIs Lower Risk of Death From H1N1 by 25% 4/18/2014

No-Refrigeration Vaccine Might Curb Diseases in Remote Areas 4/18/2014

Brain Differences Linked to Insomnia Identified 3/19/2014

Do Obesity, Birth Control Pills Increase MS Risk? 3/19/2014

Doctors’ Stethoscopes More Contaminated Than Palms of Their Hands 3/19/2014

Food Allergy Nearly Doubles Among Black Children 3/19/2014

Huntington’s Disease Therapeutic Targets Found 3/19/2014

Increased Fish Intake Can Raise Good Cholesterol 3/19/2014

Sleep Apnea May Heighten Risk of Pneumonia 3/19/2014

Cancer Cells Exploit Immune Response to Survive 1/23/2013

Does Body Mass Index (BMI) Adequately Convey Mortality Risk? 1/23/2013

Molecule That Polices TB Infection Found 1/23/2013

New Insight Into Autism and Genetics 1/23/2013

Brain Cell Malfunction in Schizophrenia Found 1/20/2012

Deaths From Cancer Decline Since 1990 1/20/2012

Potential Additional Statin Benefits 1/20/2012

Promising News on Depression and DBS 1/20/2012

Breast Cancer Drug Linked to Heart Problems in Some Patients 9/20/2011

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