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Safe Self-Treatment of Headaches 3/19/2014

Most types of headaches can be treated with nonprescription analgesics.

The Link Between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease 2/19/2014

Pharmacists can recommend dental intervention and appropriate products to patients.

Understanding and Relieving Restless Legs Syndrome 1/22/2014

Patients with this movement disorder feel an urgent need to move their legs to stop unpleasant sensations.

Counseling Patients About Constipation 12/18/2013

Factors to consider include patient age, current medications, and laxative misuse or abuse.

Dealing With Poisoning Emergencies 11/15/2013

If a child accidentally ingests a toxic substance, call poison control immediately.

Blood Glucose Meters 10/18/2013

Self-monitoring of blood glucose is an important part of modern therapy for diabetes mellitus.

Prenatal Supplements 9/18/2013

Folic acid is key to the prevention of neural tube defects.

A New Nonprescription Product for Overactive Bladder in Women 8/20/2013

Approval of this transdermal system means that, for the first time, an OTC product may be purchased for OAB.

Recent OTC Developments in Asthma 7/17/2013

Due to environmental concerns, inhalers with CFC propellants are no longer available.

Is It Dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitis? 6/21/2013

These two closely related dermatologic conditions can be successfully self-treated.

Fever in Children: What to Tell Parents 5/21/2013

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are available in several pediatric dosage forms to reduce fever.

Home Testing for HIV 4/19/2013

Some patients may prefer a test that affords anonymity and/or provides fast results.

Sensory Organ Pain: Eye, Ear, Oral, Dental, and Throat Pain 3/20/2013

Knowing when to self-treat and when to refer pain complaints is important.

Benefits and Risks of Daily Aspirin Use 2/20/2013

Patients should consult their physician before taking aspirin to prevent stroke and heart attack.

Meniere’s Disease and the Pharmacist 1/23/2013

Pharmacists should watch out for troubling symptoms such as dizziness or hearing loss in patients.

Gastrointestinal Warnings on Nonprescription Products 12/19/2012

Pharmacists must ensure that patients understand labeling contraindications against use.

What Is the Place of St. John’s Wor t? 11/20/2012

Patients should use caution when taking this herbal supplement for depression.

Preventing Caries and Gingivitis 10/19/2012

Pharmacists can offer consumers valuable advice about how to avoid these common oral health problems.

Detecting Pregnancy and Ovulation With Home Test Kits 9/19/2012

Home pregnancy tests and fertility monitors are generally reliable and easy to use.

Preventing and Recognizing Tick-Borne Diseases 8/21/2012

Lyme disease is well known to the public, but many other types of infections can be transmitted through tick bites.
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