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Assessment and Treatment of Pain in Children 5/15/2015

Over the last several decades, the assessment and treatment of pain in children has become a standard of pediatric care.
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Emergent Treatment of Status Epilepticus in Children 5/15/2015

Status epilepticus is a neurologic disorder that can lead to serious complications in children if it is not treated effectively.
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Children and Adolescents 5/15/2015

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common abdominal condition affecting children and adolescents.
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Lead Toxicity and Chelation Therapy 5/15/2015

Exposure can cause cognitive, behavioral, and motor problems in children.

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Management of Adolescent Obesity 5/15/2015

The cause of adolescent obesity is regarded as multifaceted, given the numerous components that increase a child’s risk of developing the condition.
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Nonbenzodiazepine Hypnotics and Their Association With Fall Risk and Fractures in the Elderly 5/15/2015

Clinicians have relied on short-term use of these high-risk agents for insomnia in the elderly.

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Selecting an Oral Prednisolone Liquid for Children 5/15/2015

Asthma exacerbations often require a short course of oral steroids.

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The Enterovirus D68 Outbreak: A Public Health Concern 5/15/2015

Pediatric patients with preexisting respiratory conditions are at the greatest risk of infection.

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The Package Insert 5/15/2015

The current form of the PI offers a comprehensive, well-organized monograph.

Antimicrobial Therapy for Community-Acquired Pneumonia 4/16/2015

Antibiotic resistance and the risk of fatal adverse events make it challenging to select an agent.

Cutaneous Fungal Infections 4/16/2015

Cutaneous fungal infections are superficial infections typically involving the skin, hair, and nails.

Probiotics as a Treatment for Infectious Diseases 4/16/2015

Recently, consumers have had a renewed interest in probiotics as a treatment option.

Prolonged-Infusion Dosing of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics 4/16/2015

Prolonged or continuous infusion of IV beta-lactams has a higher probability of achieving pharmacodynamic goals compared with standard intermittent infusions.

The Evolving Management of Hepatitis C Virus 4/16/2015

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) remains the leading bloodborne chronic infection in the United States.

Antifactor Xa Monitoring in Patients on IV Unfractionated Heparin 3/18/2015

Despite the introduction of newer anticoagulants, IV unfractionated heparin is one of the most commonly used parenteral anticoagulants for preventing and treating venous thromboembolism

Liposomal Bupivacaine: A New Option for Postoperative Pain 3/18/2015

This technology is an encouraging step forward in drug delivery and formulation design.

Opioid Overdose Rescue Kits 3/18/2015

It is imperative to recognize the signs of an overdose and administer an antidote quickly.

Pharmacogenetic Testing and Opioids 3/18/2015

Personalized medicine allows healthcare professionals to dose patients appropriately.

The Pharmacist’s Role in Surgery: The Indispensable Asset 3/18/2015

Given the complexities of current surgery processes, the presence of a pharmacist on the multidisciplinary team is vital to the overall success of the perioperative period.

Topical Therapies for Chronic Pain Management: A Review of Diclofenac and Lidocaine 3/18/2015

An increasingly popular pain management strategy is the use of noncontrolled topical agents.

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