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Management of Occupational Exposure to HIV 4/18/2014

Updated guidelines for management and postexposure prophylaxis were recently released.

MiniMed 530G: The First Artificial Pancreas 4/18/2014

This sensor-augmented pump monitors moment-to-moment glucose changes.
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Pharmacology of Shunt Infections 4/18/2014

IV empirical therapy with both gram-positive and gram-negative coverage is recommended.

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Viral Meningitis: An Overview 4/18/2014

Viral meningitis, a type of aseptic meningitis, is the most common form; it accounts for about 50% of meningitis-related hospitalizations in the United States, but most cases are self-limiting.

Acetaminophen Toxicity: What Pharmacists Need to Know 3/19/2014

Overdose and misuse may lead to acute liver failure.

Bacteria-Causing Gum Disease Invites Oral Cancer Growth 3/19/2014

Combining Cervical Cancer Drugs, Chemo to Extend Life 3/19/2014

Electromedical Modalities in Pain Management 3/19/2014

Pain specialists can now prescribe treatments that attack moderate-to-severe chronic pain using targeted electromedical modalities, such as spinal cord stimulators, electroanalgesic delivery systems, and pulsed radiofrequency therapies.

Epidural Anesthesia During Labor and Delivery 3/19/2014

Epidural anesthetics are the most popular form of pain management currently chosen by the patient during labor in the United States.

Nanoparticles Target Cancer-Fighting Immune Cells 3/19/2014

Pain Management in Dementia 3/19/2014

Proper assessment of pain in elderly patients is challenging.

Reducing Hepatitis C Infections in Injection Drug Users 3/19/2014

Cardiac Catheterization: A Review for Pharmacists 2/19/2014

Pharmacotherapy plays a key role before, during, and after this cardiovascular procedure.

Comparison of Methohexital and Propofol Anesthesia in Electroconvulsive Therapy: The Ideal Agent 2/19/2014

The ideal anesthetic agent for ECT should have a rapid onset of action and short recovery time.

Exhaled Breath May Signal Early Lung Cancer 2/19/2014

Hypotension: A Clinical Care Review 2/19/2014

Low blood pressure can be easily recognized by key signs and symptoms.

Key Protein May Help HIV Vaccine Development 2/19/2014

Life Expectancy Up for HIV-Positive Patients 2/19/2014

Study: Mammography Benefits Younger Women 2/19/2014

The Cardiotoxicity of Cancer-Related Drug Therapies 2/19/2014

Cardiotoxicity, in which the heart muscle is damaged and cannot efficiently pump blood to oxygenate the body’s vital organs, is one of the most prominent morbidities in cancer patients surviving 5 to 10 years post therapy.
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