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Catching Your Breath: Managing COPD Exacerbations 7/17/2014

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an inflammatory disease of the lung characterized by progressive airflow limitation that is not fully reversible.
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Prevention and Management of Respiratory Viruses 7/17/2014

Pharmacists are in a key position to ensure that appropriate infection control measures are followed.

Foot Pain Etiology: An Overview 6/19/2014

There are simple measures that patients can undertake in order to prevent or treat foot pain.

Management of Acute Diabetic Foot Disease 6/19/2014

Diabetic foot disease is a spectrum of disorders involving the cutaneous, soft-tissue, and osseous structures of the foot.

New Cholesterol Treatment Guideline: Implications for Pharmacy Practice 6/19/2014

The 2013 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol takes an evidence-based approach that stresses the reduction of cardiovascular risk.

Pediatric Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome 5/16/2014

Pediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome have increased glomerular filtration barrier permeability, resulting in clinical features such as proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, and dyslipidemia.

Transitions of Care: Pharmacist Collaboration at a Community Teaching Hospital 5/16/2014

Pharmacists are involved in strategies to reduce readmissions and improve patient outcomes.

Management of Occupational Exposure to HIV 4/18/2014

Updated guidelines for management and postexposure prophylaxis were recently released.

MiniMed 530G: The First Artificial Pancreas 4/18/2014

This sensor-augmented pump monitors moment-to-moment glucose changes.

Pharmacology of Shunt Infections 4/18/2014

IV empirical therapy with both gram-positive and gram-negative coverage is recommended.

Viral Meningitis: An Overview 4/18/2014

Viral meningitis, a type of aseptic meningitis, is the most common form; it accounts for about 50% of meningitis-related hospitalizations in the United States, but most cases are self-limiting.

Acetaminophen Toxicity: What Pharmacists Need to Know 3/19/2014

Overdose and misuse may lead to acute liver failure.

Bacteria-Causing Gum Disease Invites Oral Cancer Growth 3/19/2014

Combining Cervical Cancer Drugs, Chemo to Extend Life 3/19/2014

Electromedical Modalities in Pain Management 3/19/2014

Pain specialists can now prescribe treatments that attack moderate-to-severe chronic pain using targeted electromedical modalities, such as spinal cord stimulators, electroanalgesic delivery systems, and pulsed radiofrequency therapies.

Epidural Anesthesia During Labor and Delivery 3/19/2014

Epidural anesthetics are the most popular form of pain management currently chosen by the patient during labor in the United States.

Nanoparticles Target Cancer-Fighting Immune Cells 3/19/2014

Pain Management in Dementia 3/19/2014

Proper assessment of pain in elderly patients is challenging.

Reducing Hepatitis C Infections in Injection Drug Users 3/19/2014

Cardiac Catheterization: A Review for Pharmacists 2/19/2014

Pharmacotherapy plays a key role before, during, and after this cardiovascular procedure.

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