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Straight Talk

See You Real Soon 6/23/2015

In his farewell editorial, our Editor-in-Chief reflects on his passion for pharmacy over the course of his career.

The Next Step 5/15/2015

Interest in granting provider status for pharmacists is increasing.

Ethics and the Pharmacist 4/16/2015

Pharmacists are some of the most service-oriented professionals in healthcare.

Taking the Pulse of Pharmacy 3/18/2015

Over the past 6 years, we have posed 70 poll questions to pharmacists visiting our website.

The Glass Is Half Full 2/18/2015

Stakeholders increasingly recognize pharmacists’ value to the healthcare system.

Old Timers’ Disease 1/21/2015

The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to double or triple by the year 2050.

Project Medicine Drop 12/17/2014

Safe-disposal programs for unused medications are important for mitigating drug abuse.

Ebola…It’s Not a Movie 11/17/2014

Pharmacists should be aware of symptoms and be cautious when consulting with patients.

The Off-Label Debate Rages On 10/16/2014

Pharmacists who counsel patients should exercise caution and transparency in discussing a drug’s off-label uses until a specific court ruling is made.

Phony Rx Products Cause Big Headaches 9/17/2014

Despite the efforts of law enforcement, many Internet pharmacies continue to sell and ship illegal prescription drugs to patients.

Fixing Healthcare 8/20/2014

Although imperfect, the ACA is a necessary stepping-stone to better healthcare delivery.

Black Is the New Gray in Pharmaceuticals 7/17/2014

Certain medications are often sold outside of official channels.

Too Little, Too Late 6/19/2014


A more effective way of getting terminally ill patients experimental drugs from pharmaceutical companies is needed.

The Ethical Pharmacist 5/16/2014

Should pharmacists be involved in preparing medications for use in lethal injections?

Getting No Respect Is Not a Joke 4/18/2014

A Healthy Decision 3/19/2014

Cigarettes and other tobacco products should not be sold in pharmacies.

Pot of Green for Pharmacists 2/19/2014

Marijuana should be clinically tested if it is to be approved by federal law.

Policing Pharmacy 1/22/2014

Is this just the beginning of the FDA monitoring all licensed pharmacies?

The Other “O”-pidemic 12/18/2013

If you suspect that a colleague is addicted to opioids, notify someone who can provide immediate help.

Independent Thinkers 11/15/2013

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