Supplement Articles

New Options for Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes 6/1/2010

This supplement is based on presentations from a satellite symposium conducted in conjunction
with the American Pharmacists Association’s 158th Annual Meeting & Exposition. This CE activity is
jointly sponsored by Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, Inc, and Global Directions in Medicine, Inc,
and supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Inc.

DPP-4 Inhibitors: What Is Their Place in Therapy? 5/20/2010

Sitagliptin and saxagliptin offer improved glycemic control in the management of type 2 diabetes. 

Insulin Analogs: What Are the Clinical Implications of Structural Differences? 5/20/2010

Insulin analogs have provided superior alternatives to conventional human insulins.

U-500 Insulin: Not for Ordinary Use 5/20/2010

This type of insulin is five times more potent than standard U-100 and is utilized in patients requiring high doses of insulin.