Supplement Articles

A Review of Treatment Options for Graves' Disease 6/17/2010

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting approximately 0.3% of people living in the United States and 0.5% of the world population.

Directions in Generic Drugs 6/17/2010

Pharmaceutical companies view branded generics as a valuable commodity, but will economic pressures push consumers toward these products' lower-cost, unbranded counterparts?

FDA Approves Two Generic Hypertensives 6/17/2010

Foreign Inspections of Foreign-Made Medications 6/17/2010

The agency is stepping up its efforts to ensure that overseas generic as well as brand name drug manufacturers are maintaining the high standards necessary to produce safe, quality products.

Medication Therapy Management: Recommending Generic Drugs as Cost-Savings Substitutes 6/17/2010

Assessment of cost concerns is an important aspect of caring for a patient during a medication review.

Mylan Receives Approval for Generic Version of Flomax 6/17/2010

Perrigo Named Distributor for Imiquimod Cream 6/17/2010

Trends in Generic Drug Reimbursement in Medicaid and Medicare 6/17/2010

Beginning in 2014, millions of additional patients will have access to health care as a result of health care reform legislation, making reimbursements to pharmacists an increasingly important issue.