Supplement Articles

Authorized Generic Drugs 6/20/2011

Authorized generics have been the subject of controversy and litigation for many years.

Changes in Medicaid Reimbursement: Implications for Generic Manufacturers and Pharmacies 6/20/2011

Due to health care reform, It is likely that reimbursement based on average manufacturer price (AMP) will be coming soon to Medicaid programs.

Greenstone Announces Two Products 6/20/2011

Mail-Service Pharmacies Driving Generic Drug Use 6/20/2011

Optimizing Generic Medication Use 6/20/2011

Although the affordability of generic drugs is well known, utilizing them appropriately and to their full potential may be challenging. 

Sandoz Launches Generic Versions of YAZ, Nordette 6/20/2011

Teva Introduces Zeosa and Ferrous Fumarate Tablets USP 6/20/2011

The Generic Drug Industry: Current Issues 6/20/2011

Loss of market exclusivity, impact of the Hatch-Waxman Act, and substitution and bioequivalence are just some of the forces that will drive the generic medication industry into the future.

Trends in Drug Pricing 6/20/2011

Health care spending by the federal government, patients, and third-party payers is driven by many factors, including the price paid for the prescription drug dispensed.

Sandoz Launches Generic Versions of YAZ, Nordette 6/15/2011