Nonprescription Treatment Options for Migraine 1/20/2016

Combination products are more effective than any of the components alone in comparable doses.

Self-Care Options for Insomnia 11/16/2015

Nonprescription sleep aids should not be used on a long-term basis.

Nonprescription Management of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis 9/15/2015

Self-treatment with OTC vaginal antifungals is appropriate only for uncomplicated infections.

Allergic Rhinitis and Intranasal Corticosteroid Sprays 7/20/2015

Two new products for allergy relief are now available without a prescription.

Treating Arthritis With Nonprescription Products and Devices 3/18/2015

OTC options for osteoarthritis include thermotherapy and external and internal analgesics.

New Statin Risks and the Battle for OTC Status 2/18/2015

Attempts to switch cholesterol-lowering medications to nonprescription status have proven unsuccessful.

Advice for Patients With Tremor 1/21/2015

Self-help techniques may provide some relief from symptoms such as shaking.

Examining Nonprescription Options for Heartburn 12/17/2014

Various antacids and acid reducers are available to treat this common GI ailment.

Preventing Abuse and Addiction With Nonprescription Products 11/17/2014

Drug abuse is not limited to illegal or prescription drugs. Some OTC products, such as cough and cold medications, can be abused as well.

Philanthropic Pharmacy: Helping Patients in Need 10/16/2014

The experience of providing services in a free health clinic can be especially rewarding for pharmacists.

Second Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Aspirin Identified 9/17/2014

Self-Care of Rhinitis During Pregnancy 9/17/2014

Some women may develop nasal congestion due to their pregnancy.

Urinary Tract and Kidney Warnings on Nonprescription Products 8/20/2014

Pharmacists can help patients decipher a product's label warnings to determine appropriateness for use with prostate or kidney issues.

FDA: Serious Hypersensitivity Reactions to OTC Acne Topicals 7/17/2014

Proper Use of Nonprescription Nasal Sprays 7/17/2014

Four types of OTC products are in common use—corticosteroids, nasal decongestants, saline, and cromolyn sodium.

Counseling Patients With Ingrown Toenail 6/19/2014

Patients frequently are reluctant to seek professional treatment for this painful condition.

Pediatric Fungal Infections 5/16/2014

Several nonprescription products can be recommended for treatment of tinea corporis (ringworm).

Safe Self-Treatment of Headaches 3/19/2014

Most types of headaches can be treated with nonprescription analgesics.

The Link Between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease 2/19/2014

Pharmacists can recommend dental intervention and appropriate products to patients.

Understanding and Relieving Restless Legs Syndrome 1/22/2014

Patients with this movement disorder feel an urgent need to move their legs to stop unpleasant sensations.

Counseling Patients About Constipation 12/18/2013

Factors to consider include patient age, current medications, and laxative misuse or abuse.

Dealing With Poisoning Emergencies 11/15/2013

If a child accidentally ingests a toxic substance, call poison control immediately.

Prenatal Supplements 9/18/2013

Folic acid is key to the prevention of neural tube defects.

A New Nonprescription Product for Overactive Bladder in Women 8/20/2013

Approval of this transdermal system means that, for the first time, an OTC product may be purchased for OAB.

Recent OTC Developments in Asthma 7/17/2013

Due to environmental concerns, inhalers with CFC propellants are no longer available.

Is It Dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitis? 6/21/2013

These two closely related dermatologic conditions can be successfully self-treated.

Fever in Children: What to Tell Parents 5/21/2013

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are available in several pediatric dosage forms to reduce fever.

High Vitamin E Intake Not a Health Concern 5/21/2013

Home Testing for HIV 4/19/2013

Some patients may prefer a test that affords anonymity and/or provides fast results.

African American Women Don’t Need Larger Vitamin D Doses 3/20/2013

Sensory Organ Pain: Eye, Ear, Oral, Dental, and Throat Pain 3/20/2013

Knowing when to self-treat and when to refer pain complaints is important.

Benefits and Risks of Daily Aspirin Use 2/20/2013

Patients should consult their physician before taking aspirin to prevent stroke and heart attack.

Meniere’s Disease and the Pharmacist 1/23/2013

Pharmacists should watch out for troubling symptoms such as dizziness or hearing loss in patients.

Gastrointestinal Warnings on Nonprescription Products 12/19/2012

Pharmacists must ensure that patients understand labeling contraindications against use.

What Is the Place of St. John’s Wor t? 11/20/2012

Patients should use caution when taking this herbal supplement for depression.

Preventing Caries and Gingivitis 10/19/2012

Pharmacists can offer consumers valuable advice about how to avoid these common oral health problems.

Detecting Pregnancy and Ovulation With Home Test Kits 9/19/2012

Home pregnancy tests and fertility monitors are generally reliable and easy to use.

Preventing and Recognizing Tick-Borne Diseases 8/21/2012

Lyme disease is well known to the public, but many other types of infections can be transmitted through tick bites.

Respiratory Problems and Nonprescription Products 7/18/2012

Some OTC medications may cause an inflammatory response in patients with respiratory conditions and should be avoided.

A New Paradigm 6/20/2012

The idea of pharmacists dispensing certain drugs without a prescription has merit.

Urinary Tract Infections and the Role of Nonprescription Products 6/20/2012

OTC products promising symptom relief or antibacterial effects are not presently proven safe and effective.

Treating Minor Ear Problems 5/22/2012

Pharmacists can suggest self-treatment for earwax impaction and water-clogged ears.

Causes and Treatment of Dry Skin 4/23/2012

Xerosis may result from a serious medical condition, but usually commonplace factors, such as the climate and bathing habits, are responsible.

Helping Parents Treat Diaper Rash 3/20/2012

Applying skin protectants is the best way to prevent and treat this irritation in infants.

Helping Patients Quit Smoking With Nicotine Replacement Products 2/17/2012

One reason why smoking can be so addictive is because nicotine stimulates dopamine transmission in the brain. 

Insomnia and Snoring 1/20/2012

One-fourth of Americans experience occasional problems sleeping. 

Counseling Patients With Hemorrhoids 12/20/2011

Many patients who initially seek relief through the use of nonprescription products will require referral to a physician. 

Vitamin D Supplements May Lower Mortality Risks 12/20/2011

Advising Patients With Acne 11/16/2011

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are among the OTC products found effective. 

Treating Burns in the Pharmacy 10/19/2011

The pharmacist should follow the FDA OTC review panel’s determination of which burns may be self-treated.

Behind-the-Counter Products: A Third Class of Drugs 9/20/2011

These medications exist in a pharmaceutical limbo between OTC and prescription. 

Removing Warts With Nonprescription Treatments 8/19/2011

These skin growths are caused by certain subtypes of papillomavirus. 

Allergic Rhinitis: Nonprescription Treatment Options 7/20/2011

OTC antihistamines continue to be the standard for relieving bothersome allergy symptoms. 

Prostate and Kidney Precautions With Nonprescription Products 6/20/2011

Certain categories of OTC products are problematic for patients with renal or prostate disorders. 

Alleviating Menstrual Discomfort: PMS and Dysmenorrhea 5/18/2011

Premenstrual pain and cramping can be treated with nonprescription analgesics. 

Nonprescription Products for Minor Eye Conditions 4/20/2011

A host of items are available to safely treat conditions such as dry eye, redness, and allergic conjunctivitis. 

Vitamin D, the “Sunshine” Vitamin 4/20/2011

Research increasingly points to the benefits of this substance, including protection against chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Dosing Common Cold Products in Children: New Guidelines 3/18/2011

Labeling for OTC cough and cold medications now states: “Do not use in children under 4 years of age.”

Nonprescription Products and Heart Warnings 2/18/2011

A great many OTC products advise against medically unsupervised use in patients with heart disease or hypertension. 

Dentinal Hypersensitivity 1/20/2011

Toothpastes containing potassium nitrate can help ease dental pain caused by hot or cold drinks. 

Diarrhea: How to Assist the Patient 12/17/2010

This disorder requires more counseling than other conditions treatable by self-care. 

New Flex Spending Restrictions for 2011 12/17/2010

Cleansing and Detoxification Products in Self-Care 11/17/2010

Traditionally, detoxification products have been used to remove the buildup of toxins thought to accumulate in the body through ingestion and exposure.

Tooth Whitening Products for Home Use 11/17/2010

Bleaching agents containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide can effectively whiten teeth by several shades. 

Recent Rx-to-OTC Product Switches 10/20/2010

When a product’s status changes, pharmacist should instruct patients about safe use.

Vitamin D Supplementation: An Update 10/20/2010

An estimated 1 billion people worldwide, across all ethnicities and age groups, have a vitamin D deficiency.

Treating Vaginal Fungal Infections 9/20/2010

Vulvovaginal candidiasis can be self-treated if properly diagnosed. 

Recognizing and Eradicating Tinea Pedis (Athlete’s Foot) 8/19/2010

This common dermatophytic skin infection is usually caused by Trichophyton rubrum

Preventing and Treating Summer Sports Injuries 7/20/2010

It is important for pharmacists to be able to assess whether an injury is self-treatable or if a referral is required. 

Challenges When Recommending Nonprescription Products for Patients With Diabetes 6/17/2010

Pharmacists must know which products carry warnings against usage by individuals with diabetes and be able to counsel patients about which products are safe.

Self-Care Interventions for Back Pain 5/20/2010

OTC treatments for this common condition include oral medications, topical external analgesic products, and thermotherapy.

Head Lice: New Approaches May Help Overcome Pediculicide Resistance 3/19/2010

Growing resistance to many forms of treatment make this parasite hard to eradicate. 

Nonprescription Products to Avoid With Hypertension 2/19/2010

Some OTC medications may cause dangerous rises in blood pressure.

Pseudoephedrine: Stricter Controls in the Future? 1/20/2010

Despite restrictions on the sale of this decongestant, developments in methamphetamine production present new challenges for pharmacists.

Strategies for the Relief of Bloating and Gas 12/17/2009

Various sources for this problem have been identified, including air swallowing, diet, lactose intolerance, and IBS.

Fatigue and Drowsiness: Everyday Exhaustion and Beyond 11/19/2009

Prolonged tiredness and sleepiness are a concern for many people. 

Getting to the Bottom of Common Foot Problems 10/21/2009

Patients often request relief for foot discomfort due to a wide range of causes, including corns and calluses.

Treating Common Problems in the Pregnant Patient 9/21/2009

Caution must be taken when recommending OTC products for pregnancy-related symptoms.

Recent Developments in Birth Control and STD Prevention for Men 8/20/2009

Polyisoprene condoms are as effective as those made from latex or polyurethane.

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Pediatric OTC Cough and Cold Product Safety 7/20/2009

According to a recent survey of pharmacists, more than 60% of OTC recommendations sought by the public involved cough and cold products.

Why Patients Need Protection From the Sun 7/20/2009

Patients should use sunscreen to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation, because there’s no such thing as a healthy tan.

Minor Eye Problems in the Elderly 6/18/2009

Dry or red eye, allergic conjunctivitis, and foreign bodies in the eye are secondary ocular conditions common in older patients.

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The Use of OTC Medications in Older Adults 6/18/2009

To successfully help seniors make appropriate nonprescription drug choices, it is essential for pharmacists to correctly assess their symptoms.

Recommending Analgesics for Common Conditions 5/19/2009

OTC products are recommended for a wide variety of minor aches and pains, making it a complex market for the average patient.

Pediatric Otitis Media: Managing Ear Infections in Children 3/18/2009

Although nonprescription products are of no use in treating this common childhood condition, the pharmacist should be prepared to answer the parent’s questions.

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Recommendations for the Use of OTC Cough and Cold Medications in Children 3/18/2009

When used as directed, nonprescription cough and cold products can be safe for the pediatric population, and a pharmacist's counseling is integral to ensuring that they are being used safely and at appropriate doses.

Nonprescription Products for the Baby 11/18/2008

The pharmacist is on the front lines of pharmaceutical care when patients need assistance with minor health conditions.

Durable Medical Equipment: A Challenging Practice 6/19/2008

Providing durable medical equipment (DME) can develop into a lucrative and rewarding aspect of a pharmacy's total patient care role.

Nonprescription Analgesic Use: Precautions and New Concerns 5/20/2008

Community pharmacists field hundreds of self-care questions yearly on the topic of pain management...

New OTC Weight Loss Product 3/20/2008

Obesity is a medical condition that is highly resistant to therapeutic interventions.

Coping with Winter Injuries 12/20/2007

Strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal problems are extremely common.

Interactions Between Nonprescription Products and Psychotropic Medications 11/19/2007

The potential number of interactions between nonprescription products and psychotropic medications is difficult to estimate due to the number of OTC products and the immense probability that many will interact with psychotropics.

New Nonprescription Weight Loss Product 10/18/2007

Obesity is a medical condition that is highly resistant to therapeutic interventions.

Dangers of Sexual Enhancement Supplements 8/20/2007

According to the National Institute for Aging, quackery is at an all-time high.

OTC News 7/13/2007

First OTC Weight Loss Drug Now Available in Stores GlaxoSmithKline's alli (orlistat), the only FDA-approved weight loss product, recently hit shelves in pharmacies, grocery stores, and mass merchandisers nationwide.

Treating Nicotine Addiction with OTC Products 7/13/2007

During much of the 20th century, cigarette smoking was tacitly and even overtly romanticized.

OTC Products for the Treatment of Acne 7/13/2007

Acne vulgaris is a common skin disorder, affecting 40 to 50 million people in the United States.

Pharmacists Take Center Stage in OTC Counseling 7/13/2007

Community pharmacists can influence how OTC medications should be used  and, in many instances, which products are actually purchased by patients.

Poison Ivy: The Classic Contact Dermatitis 4/17/2007

The pharmacist is often asked about dermatologic conditions.

Preventing and Treating Cold Sores 3/21/2007

Herpes simplex labialis, also known as cold sores, is a common cause of perioral discomfort.

The Patient with Chest Pain 2/20/2007

Pharmacists are in a unique position within the health care community.

Nonprescription HbA1c Monitor for Home Use 1/23/2007

In 2005, an estimated 20.8 million people in the United States had diabetes mellitus.