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Utility of Probiotics in Gastrointestinal Disease

Patients may need help in understanding the key differences between the many available OTC formulations.

Advances in the Pharmacotherapy of Hereditary Angioedema

New therapies prevent and reduce the duration and severity of swelling episodes.

Antibiotic Therapy for Epididymitis

The most common infecting pathogens are Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Escherichia coli.

Counseling Male Patients on Testosterone Replacement Therapy With Efficacy and Safety in Mind

Given recent warnings and safety updates, pharmacists are ideally placed to advise patients concerning treatment with testosterone.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a common urinary tract disorder, accounting for many emergency room visits in the U.S. each year.

Electronic Data Helps Prevent Medication Errors at Hospitals 2/17/2016

Pharmacy Security: Know the Options 8/18/2015

Pharmacy security encompasses a variety of physical, policy, and technological approaches to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical agents and to guard against diversion and theft.

Tamper-Resistant Pill Dispenser Designed to Prevent Medication Misuse 7/20/2015

The Pharmacist’s Role in Surgery: The Indispensable Asset 3/18/2015

Given the complexities of current surgery processes, the presence of a pharmacist on the multidisciplinary team is vital to the overall success of the perioperative period.

Health Information Technologies in Cardiology: Mobile Devices, Home Monitoring, and E-Prescribing 2/18/2015

Health information technology can help cardiac patients monitor their own condition and transmit the data back to their team of clinicians, including the pharmacist, cardiologist, and primary care clinician.

Interoperability: Sharing and Interpreting Data With Health Information Technology 11/17/2014

In order for health information technologies to have maximum positive impact on medical outcomes, it is necessary to ensure that they are able to "talk" effectively to each other.

Phony Rx Products Cause Big Headaches 9/17/2014

Despite the efforts of law enforcement, many Internet pharmacies continue to sell and ship illegal prescription drugs to patients.

Technology and Adolescent Health 5/16/2014

The eagerness of adolescents to adopt technology applications creates a unique opportunity to engage this population and empower them to embrace healthy habits.

Electromedical Modalities in Pain Management 3/19/2014

Pain specialists can now prescribe treatments that attack moderate-to-severe chronic pain using targeted electromedical modalities, such as spinal cord stimulators, electroanalgesic delivery systems, and pulsed radiofrequency therapies.

Opportunities for Health Information Technology in Clinical Neurology 1/22/2014

Health information technology is impacting clinical neurology in the areas of stroke treatment and home monitoring of patients using blood thinners; it also offers exciting potential in the management of patients with epilepsy.

Behavioral Health Management: Opportunities for Intervention With Health Information Technologies 11/15/2013

Health information technology has the potential to impact medication management, care coordination, and management of comorbid conditions in behavioral health.

Evaluating HCP Utilization of Mobile Applications to Obtain Medical Information 9/18/2013

Mobile applications can potentially revolutionize how information is managed in the health care industry and allow HCPs to rapidly obtain the information they need.

Community Pharmacies Meet Mobile Technologies: A Whole New World of Opportunity 8/20/2013

Emerging technologies and services could improve quality of care, lower costs of care, and create business opportunities for retail pharmacies.

Technology Support for Pain Management: e-Prescribing Controlled Substances 6/21/2013

To reduce the risk of fraud and diversion, the DEA sets forth stringent requirements for all parties involved in the e-prescribing transaction of a controlled substance.

Trusting the Internet 3/20/2013

For better or for worse, patients regularly research health information online.

HIT and Behavioral Health: The Challenges of Data Exchange and Privacy 12/19/2012

Privacy of behavioral-health records helps patients avoid social stigma and discrimination.

Health Information Technology Supports the Management of Infectious Disease 11/20/2012

Health information technology now provides easy, real-time access to high-quality data and decision support to link patient care with the information needed to improve outcomes.

Will Technology Ever Replace Pharmacists? 8/21/2012

Contrary to early predictions, technological advances in pharmacy have greatly enhanced the profession.

Computerized Clinical Decision Support and Drug Interaction Databases 3/20/2012

There is still work to be done to reduce or eliminate “alert fatigue.”

What Really Is Electronic Prescribing? 9/20/2011

Only true computer-to-computer electronic data interchange using a nationally accepted standard is defined as genuine e-prescribing.

Embracing Pharmacy Technology 8/19/2011

This new column focuses on the electronic revolution and its potential for shaping the pharmacist's role in providing quality care.

Increase in Prescription Drug Abuse Related to Internet Access 6/20/2011

Real-Time Hepatitis B Virus Assay 6/20/2011

The Abbott assay offers such advantages as greater sensitivity and location of gene testing, since the selected location is not easily affected by mutation or drug resistance

Benefits of e-Health Technologies Remain Unproven 2/18/2011

Getting Too Comfortable With Technology 8/19/2010

Pharmacy technology is a valuable asset, but it is not without errors.

Revised Standards for Electronic Health Records 8/19/2010

RxWorks Suite Solution Revolutionizes Pharmacy Operations 2/19/2010

ScriptPro’s SP Central Workflow and Rototics Reduce Health Care Costs 2/19/2010

The Internet as a Drug Information Resource 2/8/2010

A wealth of pharmaceutical information is available via the Web, although data must be critically evaluated prior to its use in making treatment decisions.

Time for an e-Mail Reality Check 9/21/2009

The dissemination of information in virtually every form via e-mail is mind-boggling. But as popular as e-mail has become, it is also serving up a fair share of spam and other viscious messages that generally are untrue, are doctored, or otherwise cannot be verified.

Malaria Test Kit 8/20/2009

Malaria affects large populations around the globe and is associated with serious health outcomes and death among infected individuals.

Technology Is a Double-Edged Sword 8/20/2009

While there is no question that technology has reshaped the profession of pharmacy on many levels, pharmacists are sometimes challenged by the overload of information.

At-Home Test for Tobacco-Product Use 7/20/2009

Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States.

Novel Device for Medication Management 6/18/2009

Medication compliance, or adherence, has been described as a patient's actions regarding medication administration that are in accordance with medical advice.

Reducing Medication Errors Using Technological Innovations 3/18/2009

Technology enablers have the potential to carry out repetitious and routine mechanical processes in both the ambulatory and inpatient pharmacy setting.

Medical Innovations, Inc., Unveils New Medical Waste Disposal System 11/18/2008

To facilitate compliance with newly instituted U.S. regulations for medical waste that prohibit the disposal of sharps in household trash, Medical Innovations, Inc., Framingham, MA, has developed the Medical Waste Machine (, 508-358-8099).

Free Auxiliary Images for Medi-Dose MILT 3.0 Software 10/17/2008

Medi-Dose customers using MILT 3.0 to create labels can already design them onscreen using colors, fonts, images, and bar codes of their choosing.

Free Auxiliary Images for Medi-Dose MILT 3.0 Software 9/18/2008

Medi-Dose customers using MILT 3.0 to create labels can already design them onscreen using colors, fonts, images, and bar codes of their choosing.

Omron Healthcare Introduces New Blood Pressure and Pedometer Drivers Built on Microsoft HealthVault 9/18/2008

Omron Healthcare, Inc., Bannockburn, Illinois, recently announced that two of its blood pressure monitors (HEM-790IT and HEM-670-IT) and a pedometer (HJ-720ITC) are now compatible with Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft's consumer health platform.

ScriptPro Systems Serve Community Clinic and Renowned Middle East Hospital 9/18/2008

Approved by the Arizona Board of Pharmacy in May, ScriptPro's telepharmacy system is being used to provide remote pharmacy services to El Pueblo, El Rio Health Center's satellite clinic near Tucson.

Medical Innovations, Inc., Unveils New Medical Waste Disposal System 9/18/2008

To facilitate compliance with newly instituted U.S. regulations for medical waste that prohibit the disposal of sharps in household trash, Medical Innovations, Inc., has developed the Medical Waste Machine.

Enabling Medication Therapy Management 9/18/2008

M edication therapy management (MTM) delivered by pharmacists is an important emerging service in the ambulatory setting.

A Boost to E-prescribing 8/19/2008

The advantages of electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) should be obvious to everyone. E-prescriptions can save time and money for prescribers, pharmacies, and patients.

Universal Health Services Selects Pharmacy OneSource’s Amplifi and Quantifi 8/19/2008

Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., software as a service provider to more than 1,200 hospitals in the United States, announced that Universal Health Services, Inc. is implementing Amplifi to manage their formularies and communicate medication information throughout the hospital system and Quantifi to establish benchmarks and trending of clinical and quality pharmacy activities.

One of Nation’s Largest Pharmacy Benefits Managers Selects IdentiPHI Enterprise Biometric Software for Network Security Upgrade 7/18/2008

IdentiPHI, Inc., an innovative leader in enterprise security solutions and services, recently announced that one of the nation's leading pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) has selected IdentiPHI SAFsolution 5 Enterprise Edition to boost biometric authentication and security access across its network.

Kirby Lester KL16 Prescription Dispensing System Complements Robotic Processing 6/19/2008

LifeChek pharmacies in Texas recently installed Kirby Lester KL16 counting/verification devices to partner with existing robotic dispensers.

Picaso System to Support Pharmaceutical Company's Improvement Initiative 4/18/2008

WAM Systems, which created the Picaso supply chain system, has been chosen by global drug delivery and specialty pharmaceutical company Banner Pharmacaps, Inc.

The e-ffective Pharmacist 2/20/2008

For many seasoned pharmacists, the days of typing prescription labels on a typewriter, filling out patient profiles by hand, submitting paper insurance claims, and handling many other manual administrative chores are distant memories.

Pharmacy & Technology 2/20/2008

Cardinal Health Helps Hospitals Efficiently Order, Store, and Dispense Drugs Cardinal Health is partnering with hospitals nationwide to help them simplify the way that they purchase and dispense medications.

Cardinal Health Helps Hospitals Efficiently Order, Store, and Dispense Drugs 2/20/2008

Cardinal Health is partnering with hospitals nationwide to help them simplify the way that they purchase and dispense medications.

InforMedix Launches Med-eMonitor 1/28/2008

The Med-eMonitor System, a new interactive smart pillbox, was developed by InforMedix to address the problem of noncompliance among patients with chronic conditions and the elderly.

Too Much TV Linked to Obesity and Hypertension in Children 1/23/2008

A study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine suggests that children who spend too much time watching TV are more likely to be obese, which could lead to a higher incidence of hypertension.

TeleManager Technologies Extends Line of IVR Products 12/27/2007

TeleManager Technologies introduces four new products, taking interactive voice response (IVR) from being primarily a productivity tool to a revenue-generating instrument, according to Paul Kobylevsky, COO of TeleManager.

Telepharmacy Increases the Safety of Chemotherapy Preparation 11/19/2007

Telepharmacy, which enables pharmacists to provide pharmaceutical services from a remote location, now helps improve safety in the chemotherapy preparation room.

Pharmacy & Technology 10/18/2007

The retail pharmacy industry currently encounters significant changes--prescription fulfillment costs are increasing, while pharmacies lose revenue because of a competitive market and medication noncompliance.

AutoCool Controls Access to Refrigerated Medications 6/21/2007

Talyst has introduced AutoCool, the first refrigerated storage system to combine access control with inventory tracking.

AutoCool Controls Access to Refrigerated Medications 6/20/2007

Talyst has introduced AutoCool, the first refrigerated storage system to combine access control with inventory tracking.

The Human Side of Pharmacy 3/21/2007

Without revealing my exact age, suffice it to say that I am a product of the pre-technical revolution that descended on this country and the profession of pharmacy some 40 years ago.

Pharmacy and Technology 2/20/2007

When Kelly Selby graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University 's pharmacy program in 1981, 75% of his time was spent on basic operational chores.