August 2021

Thyroid Drug Shortages Creating Consternation, Confusion
Community pharmacies have experienced shortages of thyroid medication since last fall. An additional recall in the spring compounded the problem, but a new option may help. Still, customers with hypothyroidism may be uncertain about equivalence and possible side effects. Read on to learn more.


Remember the Flu? It May Return With a Vengeance
Several factors increase the likelihood of a severe flu season this year, after a nearly flu-free season in 2020-21. Still, with so much focus on driving up COVID-19 vaccinations and possible boosters in the fall, pharmacists may find lower than usual demand for the flu vaccine. That could lead to more cases and greater need for testing that distinguishes between respiratory illness like influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and COVID-19. Here are some strategies for preparing for the coming months.

Connection Between Spread Pricing and the Infrastructure Bill
Congress has been wrestling with an infrastructure bill for months that could do more for community pharmacists than improve their local roads and water systems. In an effort to make the bill budget-neutral, Congress has looked for ways to pay for the increased costs, and one of them is eliminating the bane of many independent pharmacists: spread pricing. Read more.

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