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January 2018

Severe Flu Season Spurs Point-of-Care Testing
in Pharmacies

With influenza raging across all 50 states and healthcare systems taxed to the breaking point in some areas, pharmacies that offer both immunizations and point-of-care testing for the flu and other infectious diseases can fill a critical need. Patients who are accustomed to receiving flu shots at their community pharmacy find it natural to return for a flu test if they feel under the weather. Both services contribute to building relationships through multiple points of contact that reinforce loyalty—and increase revenue. Read more.

Who Requires Medication Under New Hypertension Guidelines?

New ACC/AHA guidelines dramatically increase the number of patients with hypertension, but that doesn’t mean they all need drugs. While the new normal is lower and the prehypertensive category has gone away, most people who were not considered to have hypertension under previous guidelines are encouraged to manage their blood pressure through lifestyle changes rather than medication. Individuals with diabetes and certain other comorbidities or at high risk for cardiovascular disease, however, need to be managed differently. Find out more.

Profitable MTM Services Involve Entire Staff

Effective medication therapy management (MTM) can occupy 15 minutes to an hour, and taking a pharmacist out of the regular workflow for that period of time can wreak havoc on a busy community pharmacy. Pharmacies that successfully integrate MTM workflows into their services have a clear strategy for conducting the analyses and patient consultations—and involve their entire pharmacy staff in the process. Learn more.

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