June 2018

Ten Steps to a Positive & Productive Community Pharmacy

Pharmacy managers tend to focus on getting the details of the job right—managing inventory, documenting training, counseling patients, ensuring proper storage conditions, and protecting patient privacy. Much of what creates a positive and productive community pharmacy comes from mastering the broader set of skills involved in understanding and motivating people. Here are 10 tips that will make the people side of pharmacy management run a little smoother. Read more.

High-dose Biotin Triples Relapse Rate in
Primary-Progressive MS

Early study results created great excitement about biotin as a treatment for progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), which has had few approved therapies. While some follow-up studies supported the use of biotin, not all the news is good. Research presented at a major MS conference showing increased inflammation and a dramatic increase in relapse rate for progressive MS patients taking biotin—and FDA concerns—urges a more tempered approach. As the bulk of consumer-targeting materials discussing biotin have included no caveats, patients in your community may not be aware of potential issues. Read more.

Should You Add Medication-Administration Services? 

Forty states allow pharmacists to administer prescribed medications other than vaccines. How can your pharmacy increase patient access to injectable medications in your community? What policies and training are needed at your pharmacy location? State-level requirements vary significantly, but two major pharmacy groups have recommendations for preparing your pharmacy and staff for medication-administration services. Read more.

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