October 2022

Seven Highly Effective Habits of Healthier Diabetic Patients
New research supports what most of us already know about making healthy lifestyle choices, but scientists have identified seven specific habits of people diagnosed with diabetes who live healthier lives and who are reducing their risk for dementia. Learn more about the study published in September in the online issue of Neurology.


High-Sugar Diets Deplete Microbiota That Regulate Metabolic Diseases
The mysterious role of the microorganisms in the human intestine has become increasingly compelling, with research demonstrating that these microbes can regulate metabolic diseases. New research published in Cell points to intestinal microbiota possibly protecting against the development of prediabetes and explains why high-sugar diets can deplete the supply of these “good microbes.” Read more.


“Early Birds” Have Lower Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease
The “Early Bird Gets the Worm” proverb from the 17th century refers to the advantage experienced by those who seize the opportunity at the earliest possible starting point. This may also translate into a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease, as new research in Experimental Physiology reveals that the body’s preferences for using energy sources are altered by different sleep-wake cycles. Read more.

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