March 2023

Antipsychotic Medication Finding New Purpose in Treating Diabetes
Antipsychotic agents have traditionally been associated with cardiovascular complications, with older first-generation agents (FGAs) riddled with corrected QT-interval–prolongation risks and newer second-generation antipsychotics connected to cardiometabolic disease, including diabetes. New evidence, however, points in the direction of the old FGA, pimozide, acting as a novel therapy that may offer a new tool in the pharmacotherapeutic toolbox. Read more.


Metformin Use and Reduced Risk of Joint Replacement
When examining metformin use, researchers from China, Taiwan, and Australia discovered a reduced risk of total knee and total hip replacement. This scientific journey began as an effort to build stronger evidence of an association between the use of metformin and joint health in patients diagnosed with diabetes, which had previously been based on inconclusive and scarce observations. Read more.


Diabetic Women at Higher Risk of VTE Than Men
A team of researchers recently reported in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice that the gender-specific risk of women with diabetes mellitus also suffering from venous thromboembolism (VTE) is 1.52 times higher than for women without diabetes mellitus. The same concomitant risk for men, they noted, is only 1.3 times higher. Read more.

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