U.S. Pharmacist Diabetes Update
November  2017

Older Adults With Diabetes Face Higher Fall Risk

Falls in the elderly often lead to significant adverse outcomes and are reported to be among the leading causes of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in older adults. Although this risk has been long recognized, researchers are finding that older adults with diabetes are at even greater risk than their peers without diabetes for reasons beyond the potential impact of medication-related side effects. Read More


New ADA Guidance for Treating Hypertension

Many new treatment options and research outcomes have become available since the last American Diabetes Association (ADA) position statement on the diagnosis and screening of hypertension was released almost 15 years ago. The importance of controlling blood pressure in patients with diabetes, however, is still a key message, with a new focus on less-strict blood-pressure targets for most individuals with diabetes. Read More

FDA Approves Insulin Mobile App

New electronic technology is available to assist adult patients with type 2 diabetes in the overall management of their disease. While the importance of early and ongoing diabetic coaching is recognized, healthcare providers are often overwhelmed by the intensity this coaching function requires in light of staffing limits and time constraints. Although not intended to replace the care and management provided by trained diabetic healthcare providers, this app is designed to offer essential support for both patients and prescribers in managing basal insulin as part an overall treatment plan. Read More

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