U.S. Pharmacist Diabetes Update
December  2017

Loneliness Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk

Mental-health disorders such as depression are well known for their association with adverse outcomes and negative prognoses in illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. However, the clinical community continues to observe additional, albeit less well understood, medical complications—including diabetes—related to mental health that may be exacerbated by reduced engagement with one’s identified personal social network. Read More.


Campaign Promotes Prediabetes Awareness

As the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise, healthcare professionals recognize that the greater looming healthcare crisis is the number of undiagnosed patients with prediabetes who are unaware of both their potential disease and consequences of the long-term impact on their health. Current efforts aim to heighten awareness about the risks of prediabetes and actions that can be taken through lifestyle modification to reduce, delay, or prevent the emergence of diabetes. Read More.

Renal Disease Raises Chances for Developing Diabetes

It is well established that diabetes increases a person’s risk for kidney disease. According to the results of a new study, however, the reverse is also true—kidney disease increases diabetes risk. Urea, normally removed from the blood by healthy, functioning kidneys, is the likely reason for the relationship between renal disease and diabetes. The new findings are significant since levels of urea are manageable through diet and medicinel interventions. Read More.

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