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U.S. Pharmacist Technology Update
U.S. Pharmacist PTA
April 2018

Pharmacists Preparing for Cyber Attacks
Ransomware attacks targeting health systems, hospitals, and other institutions are on the rise, so this should serve as a warning to pharmacists that their systems, too, can fall prey to cyberattacks. Pharmacists need to take proactive steps to prevent attacks and mitigate the impacts when they happen. Read more.

Technology Enhancing the Customer Experience
More and more patients are donning mobile devices such as blood pressure machines, blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, and other wearable technologies to monitor their health. As a result, pharmacists can utilize patient-generated personal data for more meaningful and precise onsite health screening. Read more

Guarding Proprietary Pharmacy Data
Pharmaceutical manufacturers face frequent threats from hackers intent on stealing confidential drug-development data, and protecting this information comes at a hefty price. The added cost of securing sensitive data can increase drug-development costs, which are then passed onto the consumer. Read more

Keeping Technological Pace With an Evolving Industry
As pharmacy's role in the patient care team grows, technology is removing barriers between the pharmacy and a patient's other healthcare providers. This expanded team provides a more collaborative, efficient process to enable improved patient health outcomes. Read more

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