July 2021

Immune Response Appears Surprisingly Robust for mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
Is it possible that the most widely used COVID-19 vaccine could provide immunity lasting years or longer instead of the 6 months touted by their manufacturers? A new study looking at lymph node germinal centers raises that possibility about the mRNA vaccines. Here is more information.


Article Pushes for HPV Vaccine to Be Mandated by U.S. Military
Even though current joint service policy requires the U.S. military to make all CDC-recommended vaccines mandatory for uniformed personnel, that is not the case with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. An article in a military journal argues that the situation should be remedied and that hundreds of thousands of service members should be required to get the HPV vaccine. Read more.

Vaccines Help Prevent Herpes Zoster Infections in CLL Patients
Vaccination can provide important protection for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients at outsized risk for developing herpes zoster, according to a new study. Find out what researchers also determined about the risk of infection for those receiving chemotherapy compared to those who are not.


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