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August 2022

CDC Offers Updated Guidance on Use of Monkeypox Vaccines
Cases of monkeypox are increasing greatly in the United States since the first confirmed case in May, and public health officials have issued guidance, taking into consideration the currently limited supplies of the vaccine against the infectious disease, Jynneos. Find out when Jynneos should be used instead of the ACAM2000 vaccine, and when the use of one dose versus two is advised.


Vaccine Protects Against Increased Stroke Risk From Zoster Infection
Stroke has been identified as a risk after varicella-zoster infection. What has been unclear, however, is whether vaccination is effective against that risk. A new study found that patients had a significantly higher risk of stroke within the first month following recent herpes zoster infection. On the other hand, receipt of at least one zoster vaccination was found to mitigate this increased risk. Read more.


Yellow Fever Vaccine Response Lower After Flu Vaccine
What is the effect of administering yellow fever vaccination sooner than recommended after live-attenuated influenza vaccination? Military personnel deployed to provide humanitarian assistance during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia a few years ago were in that situation, and researchers found slight decreases in seroresponse in women and those receiving the yellow fever vaccine shortly after their flu shot. Read more.

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