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November 2017

Pharmacist Immunization Boosting Flu Vaccinations
As the weather turns colder, many pharmacists are busy administering influenza vaccines, something that wasn't possible 3 decades ago. The state of Michigan began the trend of allowing pharmacists to provide immunizations in 1990, and, since then, every state has jumped on the bandwagon. How have those policy changes affected rates of flu vaccinations among adults in the United States? A recent analysis provides some answers. Here are the details.

Herpes Zoster Vaccine Linked to Reduced ED Visits
The rate of herpes zoster (HZ) has increased gradually over many years in the U.S. and other countries, according to a new study. That also has meant an uptick in visits to emergency departments from patients suffering with shingles. Yet researchers found that the increase wasn't across-the-board. One group in which the rate of ED visits went down was Americans aged 60 years old or older, who are recommended for herpes zoster vaccine, which either prevents the illness or lowers complication rates. Find out what study authors said about that trend and future effects on HZ vaccination and ED visits. 

Study: No Significant Issues With HPV Vaccine in Adult Women
Most safety studies of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine have focused on the primary target group, young adolescent girls. A new study, noting that adult women also receive the vaccine in some instances, sought to determine its safety for that cohort. The analysis involving more than 3 million Danish and Swedish women found no significant safety concerns, although a slightly higher risk of celiac disease was identified in the Danish cohort only. Study authors suggest that could be related to "unmasking" during clinician visits for vaccinations. Find out more.

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