U.S. Pharmacist Vaccine

June 2018

Analysis Argues That Egg Production Keeps
Flu-Vaccine Efficacy Low

A new analysis predicts low efficacy for the newest influenza vaccine formulation, blaming that on production methods. Find out why researchers question the production of most flu vaccines in chicken eggs and how they explain that necessary compromises dramatically reduce the effectiveness of immunization. Here are the details.

Interventions Help Increase HZ Vaccination Rate in
Older HIV Patients

Older patients with HIV are at three times the risk of developing shingles as the general population but still have low vaccination rates, according to a new study. Here’s how a two-part intervention increased the percentage of patients receiving the herpes zoster vaccine at six institutions in Colorado. Read more.

Thinktank Pushes Reforms So That Pharmacists Could Administer All Vaccines
How much would it improve the nation’s healthcare if pharmacists were allowed to administer all vaccines recommended by public health officials? A lot, according to a new article from a West Coast thinktank. Here are the arguments for broadening pharmacists’ immunization role. Find out more.

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