U.S. Pharmacist Vaccine Update
November 2018

Are Influenza Vaccines Administered Too Early?
Pharmacists often begin gearing up for influenza vaccination in the summer so that they can kick off their efforts in September. A new study suggests that might be too early, however, because of evidence that the inactivated influenza vaccine wanes in effectiveness throughout the season. Here is more information.


Study Suggests Optimal Age for Receiving Shingles Vaccine
Age 66 years appears to be the first optimal year for receiving vaccination against herpes zoster, according to a new study. Find out what factors went into that calculation, how the optimal age differs by sex, and how the availability of a booster changes the picture.

Accessibility and Impact on
Tdap-Vaccination Rates in Pregnant Women

Despite the widespread availability of pharmacy-administered vaccines in California, many pregnant women said they didn’t receive timely Tdap vaccination because their clinic neither stocked it nor told them where to get it. Here is how the problem should be remedied, according to public-health officials.

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