U.S. Pharmacist Vaccine Update
February 2019

Diabetes Patients Have Higher
Flu-Vaccination Rates

Public-health officials have heavily promoted influenza vaccine for populations at high risk for complications. That appears to be working, at least for patients with a diabetes diagnosis. Find out how much more likely people with diabetes were to be vaccinated against the flu versus adults with no diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes.


Computer Model Finds
Precollege MenB Vaccine Not

College-aged students appear to be a targetable group who would most benefit from meningitis B (MenB) vaccine protection, because of their increased exposure and long life expectancy. A computer model suggests, however, that universal MenB immunization in that population is not cost-effective but might be if the price of the vaccination were lower. Here are more details.

Vaccine Holds Promise for
Cancer Patients at Higher Risk
for Shingles

A large-population study conducted in Australia demonstrates that cancer patients, especially those with hematological cancers, are at much greater risk for developing shingles than those without a cancer diagnosis. Researchers, as well as commentators from the United States, suggest that newly developed vaccines could help protect those patients. Read more.

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