U.S. Pharmacist Vaccine Update
April 2019

Flu Vaccine Safe for
Cancer Patients Treated
With Specific Therapies

Should treatment with certain anticancer agents be a barrier to patients receiving seasonal influenza vaccines? A new study looked at cancer patients taking immune checkpoint inhibitors. The verdict? Researchers suggest that influenza  immunization is safe for those patients. Here is more information.


Vaccine Could Help Avoid
High Financial Costs of HZ
With Complications

Even in adults without underlying immune issues, shingles complications are quite common, affecting about 10% of patients. A new study looked at how much cutaneous, neurologic, and ophthalmic complications increase the economic burden of herpes zoster (HZ). Find out why researchers concluded that vaccination is the best course of action.

Evidence of Herd Protection
a Decade After HPV
Vaccine Introduced

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is highly effective, according to a new study that documents  herd protection in a U.S. community. Find out why researchers also suspect that the 4-valent vaccine, which was successful in preventing infection in a real-world setting, might also provide cross-protection against genetically related HPV types.

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