TeleManager Technologies introduces four new products, taking interactive voice response (IVR) from being primarily a productivity tool to a revenue-generating instrument, according to Paul Kobylevsky, COO of TeleManager. These IVR products will be available early next year.

The new SpeechRx allows physicians to call a pharmacy and dictate prescriptions into the IVR. Then the doctor's prescription is digitized and sent electronically to the pharmacy dispensing system. Prescribers have their orders verified on the phone, and the system sends an electronic verification to the physican's office to be put in the patient's file. This step-by-step verification process helps prevent medication errors.

"Since current practice habits do not need to be changed, TeleManager believes SpeechRx will greatly accelerate the adoption of e-prescribing," said Kobylevsky.

Another new product, Speech Enabled IVR, uses voice extensible markup language (VXML). Patients call the pharmacy to refill their medication and interact with the IVR by speaking into the phone. To request a refill, patients do not need the prescription number, adding the benefit of convenience. Once Speech Enabled IVR verifies the prescription information, the order is sent directly into the pharmacy dispensing queue.

Targeted Health Messaging extends the value of the new Speech Enabled IVR. The IVR reviews the patient's personal health information during the call and determines if the patient qualifies for specific messages based on the system's designed parameters. The IVR informs the patient that the pharmacy has an important message and asks if the patient would like to listen to it. Messages can relate to any subject the pharmacy considers suitable, ranging from messages about new generic medications, formulary changes, and compliance information supported by a pharmaceutical company. Messages can also be sent to patients via the Internet or as patient leaflets delivered in the store, mailed, or as part of a centralized compliance or will-call bin management program.

TeleManager also offers its next generation of TeleManagerCentral IVR. With new software and design features, multilocation pharmacies can have headquarters-based control and support to their entire IVR network. TeleManager utilizes VXML and voice-over-IP capabilities to develop a universal, scalable, and centralized IVR architecture that reduces the total cost of centralized IVR for pharmacies with multiple locations.