US Pharm. 2014;39(3):61.

Omaha, NE—Adding vitamin D3 to allergy medications may provide relief from chronic hives, a condition with limited treatment options. In a small 2-year study, researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center treated 38 participants for 12 weeks with a combination of one prescription and two OTC allergy medications, and added an OTC vitamin D3 supplement. One-half of participants received 600 IU of vitamin D3; the rest received 4,000 IU. In all participants, hive severity diminished by 33% after 1 week. After 3 months, participants taking the higher dosage of D3 showed a further 40% reduction in severity, but the lower-dose group did not. Researchers concluded that vitamin D3 holds promise for treatment of chronic hives, with no adverse effects.

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