Reviewing the Regulatory Landscape

1. Which of the following is not under the jurisdiction of the FDA?
2. Which of the following products is not required to include an indication on the label?
3. A formal legal distinction between prescription and OTC drugs came into existence:
4. Marketing of a dietary supplement product requires:
5. The FTC is responsible for oversight of advertising and promotion of all of the following products except:
6. Which of the following is not consistent with the FDA's requirement for structure-function claims?
7. The burden of proof to demonstrate safety of dietary supplements is:
8. Marketing of a homeopathic drug product requires:
9. The FDA recently sought comments on homeopathic drug regulation. This was done because:
10. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently made a regulatory decision on homeopathic drugs. What did the FTC do?
Evaluation Questions
11. Met objective 1:
12. Met objective 2:
13. Met objective 3:
14. Met objective 4:
15. Met objective 5:
16. Related to your educational needs:
17. The active learning strategies (questions, cases, discussions) were appropriate and effective learning tools:
18. Avoided commercial bias:
19. How would you rate the overall usefulness of the material presented?
20. How would you rate the quality of the faculty?
21. How would you rate the appropriateness of the examination for this activity?