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November 2022

How Liquids Benefit Adherence for Pediatric Patients
The pediatric population frequently requires dosage forms that are appropriate for their age-related development. Medication adherence has been a consistent barrier to optimal disease management for pediatric patients due to a number of factors, such as fear of side effects or inability to swallow solid oral dosage forms. Liquid oral formulations aid in increasing adherence. Read more.


Compounding Animal Drug Products From Bulk Drug Substances
The FDA issued guidance for applicable healthcare professionals to use when compounding animal drug products from bulk drug substances. The goals of this guidance are to ensure that veterinarians have access to appropriate drugs for treatment, to protect humans and animals from dangerous drug products, and to maintain the integrity of the animal drug approval process. Read more.

USP <795> and <797> Beyond-Use Date Updates
On November 1, 2022, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) issued updates to general chapters <795> and <797> on compounding for nonsterile and sterile preparations. To eliminate previous discrepancies with water-containing preparations, the concept of water activity was introduced for nonsterile preparations. Contamination risk levels for sterile preparations were reduced to three categories. Read more.

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