U.S. COVID-19 Update eNewsletter
April 30, 2021

New Guidance Eases COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt for Those With Allergy Histories
New guidance from allergy specialists advises that only a limited cohort of severe allergy sufferers should avoid getting COVID-19 vaccines and, instead, should be referred for further evaluation. Find out what the updated advice entails and what that means for pharmacy-delivered vaccines.


COVID-19 Vaccines Might Not Be as Effective for Some Blood Cancer Patients
Unless carefully timed in relation to treatment, some patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and multiple myeloma might not be able to mount vigorous antibody responses after COVID-19 vaccines, according to new studies. Pharmacists might want to advise that they consult with their hematologists or oncologists before getting a jab. Here is more information.

COVID-19 Infection Has Adverse Effects on Pregnant Women, Newborns
Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals should strongly urge women who are pregnant or planning to be to carefully follow COVID-19 protocols, including vaccination if possible. A new study found significantly increased adverse effects for both mother and baby when pregnant women were infected with the novel coronavirus. Here are more details.

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