June 5, 2020

Coronavirus Likely to Permanently Change Community Pharmacy Operations

Independent pharmacies quickly changed how they interacted with patients and the services they offered as the pandemic swept across the country. Increasingly, it appears those changes will be permanent even as states reopen and cases wane. That could be very good news for many community pharmacy owners. Read on to learn why


The Jury’s Out on the Benefit of Vitamin D for COVID-19
There’s been a lot of media coverage about the possible role of vitamin D in preventing or mitigating infection with the novel coronavirus. That could be leading more patients to look for guidance from their community pharmacists on taking the supplement. Can the “sunshine vitamin” really help? Here’s the latest.

States Grant Pharmacies Protection From COVID-related Lawsuits 
Law firms and commentators are predicting a tsunami of lawsuits related to the novel coronavirus, some of which could affect pharmacies. Several states have taken action to protect the businesses that have provided essential services throughout the pandemic and hundreds of business organizations have called for Congress to follow suit. See where legislation stands today.

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