July 11, 2020

Common Supplements Might Reduce COVID Severity
Several common supplements are being investigated for their possible beneficial effects, specifically in patients with COVID-19; others are considered to be helpful in boosting immunity more generally. What should you tell your patients who want to know what they can take to minimize their chances of being infected by the novel coronavirus or to reduce the symptoms if they have it? Read on.


Seeing Repeat Testers? That’s a Good Thing 
As a highly infectious disease, COVID-19 can infect anyone at nearly any time. That means some number of patients will need and seek multiple tests over the coming weeks and months. Some organizations and communities may require regular testing. Here’s why frequent testing benefits everyone.

Encourage Former Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients to Stay on Anticoagulants
COVID-19 is not just—and maybe not primarily—a respiratory disease. Among its wide-ranging impacts, the disease appears to promote formation of blood clots in a high percentage of patients. For patients who have been hospitalized with the novel coronavirus and who have been started on anticoagulants, continuing to take those drugs as directed could be a matter of life or death. Read more.

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