November 2019

Insulin Manufacturers Authorize Half-Price Generics
Novo Nordisk has joined Eli Lilly and Sanofi in cutting the price of insulin in the United States. The company will offer an authorized generic or follow-on brand version of insulin aspart and insulin aspart mix beginning January 2020 at 50% off the current list price for its NovoLog and NovoLog Mix, the company announced in September. Read more.


Biosimilars: Not Simply Generics
Because biological products are made using living cells and processes, they may have minor differences from the reference product. For approval, biosimilars must demonstrate that these differences are not clinically meaningful. Nonetheless, certain factors should be considered when a switch from the reference product to a biosimilar is contemplated. For this reason, pharmacists have an opportunity to educate patients and providers to ensure appropriate use. Read more

Ranitidine Recalls Continue for NDMA Contamination
Since late September, 10 recalls have been issued by manufacturers of generic ranitidine tablets, capsules, and syrups because of contamination by N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Three recalls have occurred so far in November. The FDA detected NDMA, considered a probable carcinogen, in ranitidine products in September following identification of widespread NDMA contamination in generic angiotensin II receptor blockers. Read more.

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