December 2019

Generic and Brand Hypothyroid Meds Equally Effective for CVD 
Is generic levothyroxine equivalent to the brand medication? According to a Mayo Clinic study, they function the same in terms of cardiovascular (CVD) events. That’s particularly important for patients whose underactive thyroids have boosted their cholesterol levels. Read more.


Record Number of Generics Approved in 2019
The number of generics gaining approval in the United States continues to accelerate, with both “first generics” and follow on medications reaching new heights in 2019 after sharp increases in the last 2 years, easing the strain on consumer pocketbooks. The approval of more complex generic drugs is expected to play a significant role in reducing the price of those medications, which have had little competition. Read more.

FDA Investigates NDMA
Levels in Metformin

Concerns about NDMA contamination continue to spread beyond the “sartans” recalled over the past year, with generic and brand versions of metformin currently under investigation in the United States and Europe. The FDA says the levels seen so far, though, would not increase cancer risk even over decades of use. Read more.

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