February 2020

Accelerated Blood-Vessel Aging
in Women

New evidence supports a gender-related difference in the rate of vascular aging, previously understood as a delayed emergence of cardiovascular (CV) disease in women. Researchers report that persistent blood-pressure (BP) changes are observed earlier in female patients. Current research is sparking debate over sex differences in BP trajectories over time and the implications for CV disease prevention and treatment. Read more.


Study Underscores
Antipsychotics Safety

Antipsychotic agents are essential components in treating mental illness, but concerns over their role in increased mortality among patients with severe mental illness (SMI) frequently arise. Current research published in World Psychiatry in January 2020, however, offers reassurance that these agents are safe in the long term and that mortality among patients with SMI was higher during periods when patients were not on these medications. Read more.

Tool Blocks Blindness in
Thyroid Disease

An overactive thyroid can lead to serious secondary consequences. Individuals with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease can experience a multitude of ophthalmic conditions, including bulging eyes, redness and irritation. Some patients develop conditions that can even result in blindness. A new drug, teprotumumab (Tepezza), which has been granted fast-track marketing status, may soon give new hope to sufferers of the rare disease. Read more. Read more.

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