March 2020

Vaping and Infection Risk 
A recent study adds new information to the limited, but growing, body of research examining e-cigarettes. While past research has found that changes in the oral microbiome lead to multiple health problems, this study, published in iScience, is the first to examine the effects of vaping and e-smoking—often thought to be safer than traditional cigarettes—on the oral microbiome, including an increased risk of infection. Read more


Studies Link Periodontal Disease With Stroke
Over the past 20-plus years, research has consistently found an association between oral health and heart and arterial health, specifically the association of inflammation of the gums, infections caused by gum disease, and tooth loss with strokes and certain ischemic strokes. Two recent studies further explored these associations. Read more

Prolactin and Gender-Based
Pain Perception 

What if pain could be relieved through hormonal interventions? New research has found that women, specifically those with migraine pain conditions, are subject to different pain thresholds than men based on this important neurotransmitter.  This research describes their findings, which may describe why men and women experience pain differently. Read more

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