July 2020

Combo Antibiotic Regimen May Curb Bad Infection Outcomes 
Could a regimen of oral and IV antibiotics be a more effective strategy for treating serious infections acquired by persons who inject drugs? According to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine, this novel intervention not only may work better, but will also allow individuals the opportunity to return home faster to finish their antibiotic treatment. New research published in April 2020 in Clinical Infectious Diseases describes their discovery. Read more.


Novel System Offers Melanoma Patients More Treatment Options 
Researchers at Purdue University have developed a novel patch drug-delivery system for managing melanoma. This new treatment option is reported to have overall fewer adverse drug reactions and less severe toxic side effects than those associated with traditional melanoma treatments. Published in ACS Nano in May, the innovators describe the design of this continuous, unobstructed drug delivery involving a system of miniaturized, embedded needles. Read more.

Muscle-Relaxant Use Rising in Older Adults 
Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have revealed a concerning trend of increased prescribing of skeletal muscle relaxant drugs in older adults, often in combination with opiates. Despite increased vigilance and warnings about medication to avoid in older adults, these published findings show otherwise. Read more about this study published in JAMA Network Open in June 2020.

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