July 2023

Daily Low-dose Aspirin May Increase Mortality Risk in Older Cancer Patients
In a recent article, researchers examined correlations between daily use of low-dose aspirin and increased risk of advanced forms of cancer and metastasis in older adults. In contrast to previous randomized, controlled trials that showed a delayed, but beneficial, effect of low-dose aspirin on cancer observed in younger patients, the current research team analyzed the incidence of cancer and associated mortality in older patients who received low-dose aspirin. Read more.


New Use for Old Multiple Sclerosis Medication
In an article published in August 2020 in PLOS Pathogens, researchers from George Washington University examined the potential new role for fingolimod, the FDA-approved drug used to treat exacerbations of multiple sclerosis. This immunosuppressive agent has been proposed as a novel HIV treatment that can block HIV infection and reduce the latent viral pathogen. Read more.

Taking Vitamin D Twice a Day May Keep Vertigo Away 
Research published August 2020 in Neurology describes the benefit of taking both vitamin D and calcium twice a day to decrease a recurrence of vertigo for individuals predisposed to experiencing this disconcerting and sometimes dangerous physiologic symptom. The authors note that roughly 86% of people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo miss days at work and find that it interrupts their daily life. Read more.

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