April 2022

Reviewing Insulin Pen Usage in the United States
According to a recent paper, only about 59% of patients with diabetes use insulin pens in the United States compared with about 94% in Europe. Cost and insurance coverage may contribute to the low penetration of insulin pens in the American insulin market. Specific insulin pens are matched with proprietary brands of insulin and are generally not interchangeable. Read more.


Acetaminophen Hypodermoclysis and Role in Palliative Care
Hypodermoclysis involves infusing a liquid into the SC tissue for distribution throughout the body. It is often a preferred method in the palliative-care setting where obtaining IV access may be very difficult; when patients are no longer able to take anything by mouth; or when a rectal dosage form is not available or is considered culturally unacceptable. Read more.

Infusion Reactions to IV Iron Formulations Uncommon
Historically, IV iron administration was associated with frequent infusion reactions when high-molecular-weight iron dextran was utilized. However, such occurrences are infrequent with newer formulations. Nonetheless, it is still unclear how one IV iron formulation currently in use compares with other formulations with respect to their adverse event profile. Learn more about these infusions.

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