U.S. Pharmacist Medication Management Update
December 2018

Reconciling Medication for Diabetic Patients
New research highlighted in Diabetes Care reveals findings reported by investigators who explored the role of medication-reconciliation assessments in reducing the rate of emergency department visits and hospitalizations for patients diagnosed with diabetes. The exercise is particularly vital in this population, they concluded, even when undertaken in modest scale. Read more.


Assessing the Impact of Telemedicine on
Medication Management

New research highlighted in an October 2018 study published in Annals of Internal Medicine reveals findings reported by investigators who explored the role of telemedicine in the overall use—or more likely the overuse—of antibiotics in the management of infectious disease. Here are more details.

Correctional Facilities Confess
to MTM Gap 

In a white paper published earlier this year, the chief information officers of Community Oriented Correctional Health Services identify areas where improvement is needed in providing medication management to inmates and further highlight the role of health information technology in safe prescribing and dispensing of medications within correctional environments. Read more.

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