March 2022

Study: Analgesics Linked With Risk of Persistent Tinnitus
Research reveals that the use of high-dose aspirin may precipitate tinnitus, but there is minimal data on the use of typical-dose aspirin and other analgesics. In a recent longitudinal study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researchers examined independent correlations between the use of aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and acetaminophen and the risk of incident persistent tinnitus. Read more.


Proper Use and When to Avoid Topical Antibiotics
Recently, the American Academy of Dermatology indicated that cold weather can be tough on the skin, and when the skin is dry it can easily crack and bleed. Individuals may be inclined to apply an OTC antibiotic cream or ointment onto the skin to prevent infections. Learn more about proper use of topical antibiotics—and when to avoid them.

Expert Provides Advice for Self-Treating Hives at Home
The American Academy of Dermatology indicates that hives are a frequently occurring dermatological issue characterized by itchy bumps or raised, swollen-looking patches. Some may be the same skin tone, and others may be pink or red in appearance. Learn more about factors that cause hives, who is at greater risk of developing them, and suggestions for self-treatment.

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