May 28, 2019

Help Customers Avoid
Cold-Medication Side Effects

High deductibles, rising copays, and spotty prescription drug coverage have combined to increase the number of patients who self-diagnose and treat themselves with OTC drugs. Without the guidance of a physician or an understanding of the risk involved in combining or taking medications, patients may find “the cure worse than the disease” when faced with unexpected side effects. Pharmacists can help patients safely administer OTC medication. Read more.


Advising Smokers on
Nicotine Interactions

Pharmacists serve as valuable advisors to customers eager to quit smoking. Whether customers shift to nicotine-replacement products or go cold turkey, smoking cessation will affect a wide range of frequently prescribed medications. After you congratulate your customer on this step toward improved health, take a moment to review with them any current or recent prescriptions that could be affected by this change. Read more.

Interest in Cannabidiol Growing 
A growing body of evidence suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) can improve overall health and manage specific conditions. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which may be beneficial for arthritis and other pain. It is also shown to have effects on brain chemistry, which may be helpful for those suffering from depression, anxiety, or insomnia. Finally, early human studies suggest CBD could play a role in treating opioid addiction and other types of substance abuse. Read more and view a Patient Teaching Aid video.

For Infants, Sometimes There’s
No Appropriate Dose

Some common medications seem so innocuous that parents or grandparents may not think twice about giving them to children. In many cases, the differences between children, especially infants, and adults extend well beyond size. That’s particularly true for cough medications, which infants and children metabolize fundamentally differently than their parents. Based on recent research, pediatricians and the FDA no longer recommend some decades-long standbys for kids, a change that may surprise many of your customers. Read more.

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