June 18, 2019

It’s Not Flu Season, But Your Customers Still Need Vaccines
Most adults only consider getting vaccinated during the fall and winter when publicity about the upcoming or current flu season peaks. Many of them need new vaccinations or booster shots at other times of the year, however, especially those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or other chronic illnesses. Pharmacists can use refills or OTC purchases as an opportunity to suggest vaccines. Read more.


Memory and Weight-Loss Supplement Could
Cause Miscarriage

Customers who come into your pharmacy to buy supplements likely think that a vitamin boost or herbal remedy isn’t worth mentioning to their physician, but some of them can have very serious interactions with prescribed medications or pose a danger to certain individuals. The FDA recently warned women of childbearing age that one common supplement could cause miscarriage. Read more.

Patient Teaching Aid: Croup
A cold or flu virus almost always causes this respiratory infection that affects the upper airways. Croup is marked by a swelling of the tissue around the voice box and windpipe that results in a tight, barking cough and hoarseness. The condition usually occurs in infants or children under the age of 5 years, although some older children and teens may develop it.
Read more and view a Patient Teaching Aid video.

Avoiding Breakfast Food-Allergy Medication Interactions
When customers purchase OTC allergy medication, do you ask what they have for breakfast? Some common breakfast items and seasonings may limit the absorption of certain allergy medications, while other treatments for congestion could amplify their effectiveness. A quick discussion and medication review could help everyone breathe easier! Read more.

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