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January 2023

Long-Acting COPD Combination Treatments Linked With Enhanced Physical Activity
Research has established that persistent airflow limitation and dyspnea may diminish exercise capacity and physical activity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). According to a recent publication in Respiratory Research, in patients with COPD, the use of long-acting muscarinic antagonist and long-acting beta-2 agonist combinations are more effective than monotherapy or placebo for most exercise capacity and physical activity outcomes. Read more.


Residual Lung Damage Incidence After COVID-19 Hospitalization
In a study recently published online in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers sought to ascertain the incidence of residual lung abnormalities in individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 based on risk strata. Learn more about the result of a study performed to explore how different patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 subsequently recovered.

Patterns in Pneumococcal Vaccination Among Adults
In 2020, 25.5% of U.S. adults were vaccinated for pneumonia, a 3.3% increase over 2019 (24.7%). Among adults who received pneumococcal vaccination in 2020, 72.5% more were born in the U.S. than in another country, with vaccination rates of 27.6% and 16%, respectively. In addition, according to the CDC, more women than men receive pneumococcal vaccination. Read more.

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