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October 2020

Assessing Dietary Supplement Use Among Diabetes Patients  
The use of vitamin and mineral supplements is common in the United States, with about 50% of adults routinely consuming these dietary supplements. However, little is known about the use of these products in patients with diabetes, and it is important for pharmacists to understand the pattern of use of dietary supplements among these patients so that they can assist in proper product selection. Read more.


What Is a Synbiotic? 
Pharmacists are familiar with probiotics and prebiotics, but what is a synbiotic? A consensus statement helped answer this question as it provided guidance and clarity on the appropriate use of this term. As these products become more widely available, pharmacists need to be familiar with their components to adequately recommend and advise patients about their proper use. Read more

Impact of Vitamins on Immune Function in COVID-19 Patients 
As the country continues to deal with COVID-19 in the absence of effective treatments, attention has focused on modalities that may help boost the immune system. While information involving COVID-19 is still evolving, a recent review examined the possible role of nutrition or diet components in COVID-19. Read more.

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