December 2, 2020

Polypill Usage Leads to Significant Decreases in Cardiovascular Events

As pharmacists well know, the challenge in reducing cardiovascular disease in patients isn’t just filling their prescription for preventive medications but making sure they take them. That’s where a convenient polypill can help. Find out how much a polypill with or without aspirin lowered cardiovascular events in an international study. 


COVID-19-Related Psychological Distress Especially Plagues
Young Adults

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a related healthcare crisis: a rise in serious psychological distress in the United States. Suffering the most are young adults who are grappling with fear of the disease itself, concerns about employment and finances, and caring for children, according to a recent survey. Here is more information. 

BP Drug Shows Promise for Relieving Alcohol-Withdrawal Symptoms

A once widely prescribed blood-pressure medication, prazosin, is now showing promise in helping patients with alcohol-use disorder relieve their withdrawal symptoms. Find out how much better patients with a history of adverse withdrawal effects fared when using the drug instead of placebo.


New Finalized Drug Rebate Regulation ‘Disappoints”
Pharmacist Groups

Changing the way drug discounts are delivered doesn’t really help pharmacists, according to some key associations. Federal officials said they were trying to lower drug list prices and reduce out-of-pocket spending by finalizing a regulation related to rebates. Neither the American Pharmacists Association nor the National Community Pharmacists Association saw it that way, however. Here is more information.

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