March 10, 2021

New COVID-19 Vaccine Might Be Option After Reactions to MRNA Versions

COVID-19 vaccine recipients who had a severe enough reaction to the first dose of mRNA vaccine to be unable to receive the second might have another option with emergency-use authorization of a third vaccine. Find out how and when those patients might be able to receive the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine about a month out, according to the national CDC. 


Higher-Dose Semaglutide Shown Effective in Aiding T2D
Weight Loss

A higher dose of weekly injectable semaglutide than usually prescribed for type 2 diabetes (T2D) showed high effectiveness in helping patients slim down, with most dropping more than 5% of their body weight, according to a new study. Find out how much weight was lost compared to the usual dosage and a placebo. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Drugs Linked to Myeloid Clonal Disorder Risk

Thiopurines often are used to treat inflammatory bowel disease patients in an effort to maintain corticosteroid-free remission. A new study suggests a possible downside, however, with an increased risk for patients on the drugs to develop rare myeloid clonal disorders with poor prognosis. Here are more details.


DMT Dosing Adaptations Enhance COVID-19 Vaccination for Some MS Patients

Pharmacists may find themselves fielding questions from patients who are taking certain medications about the timing of injections of the COVID-19 vaccine. In the case of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, some guidance was provided at a recent annual meeting of Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis. Here are the details. 

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