April 14, 2021

Antihistamines Often Misused; Here’s Advice on Doing It Right

Pollen season is already tormenting allergy sufferers, but pharmacists should make sure that patients take appropriate antihistamines and use them correctly. A new review will help. It provides advice on the best medications, as well as cautioning about circumstances when antihistamines aren’t the best option. Here are more details. 


Early Data on How Long the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
Remains Effective

How long does protection from the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine last? As with all of the vaccines that received FDA emergency-use authorization in the United States, it is too early to provide a final answer. A new preliminary study suggests, however, that the Moderna vaccine is still effective after about 6 months past the second vaccine dose. Here is more information.

Too Many HIV Patients Might Be Prescribed Inappropriate BP Medications

HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy are at increased risk for cardiovascular events. A new study also suggests that selection of blood pressure (BP) medication is critically important for this group. Find out how much cardiovascular-disease risk differed by drug class and what the authors recommend. 


Graded Dosing of Second mRNA Vaccine Dose After Hypersensitivity Reaction

While current recommendations are that patients demonstrating hypersensitivity reactions to a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine forego the second dose, a new case study suggests that might not be the only option. Find out how graded dosing can help, and why it is so important for pharmacists and other vaccinators to refer patients who have adverse reactions to allergy specialists for evaluation after dealing with the immediate crisis.

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